Monday, 25 May 2009

Weekend Review - Mixed Emotions

I can't quite believe it myself, and even though I chortled throughout the season at their performances, I actually find myself a bit gutted that The Toon have gone. I won't miss them hammering us at St James Park every year (there will never be a bigger home banker than Newcastle vs Tottenham) but there are some things I will miss.

No more lunchtime banter about Toon's push for Europe / 'this is our year' for the cup for me to shoot down, no more tickets for premier league games in the directors box. I just hope now that my mate's job there is safe (or he gets a good one afterwards) and that they make a decent fist of returning next year.

Other than watching the football, my weekend has been pretty decent. I went out for a meal and drinks with K on Saturday, then at an all day B&Q at Azz's house on Sunday. I was undone in the poker with 2 hands before buy ins finished, with my JhQh getting all in on a flop of As Th 8h with Brenos - certain that I was 50 50 or big favourite. Alas he had the one hand that crippled me - Ah xh for top pair and flush draw, negating most of my outs. I thought I had hit a Ks on the river to double me up to chip leader, but it turned out to be dealt from the magic bottom card of the deck, so was replaced by a useless 2s - leaving me very short stacked. I got lucky spiking a Q when all in with QQ vs KK, but bubbled when I tried to outplay Brenos and got stung on a 664T7 board. Luckily for me I won 2 out of 3 sweepstakes while watching the football so ended £1 up for the day on gambling - I'm the big winner me! (I obviously forget about the £17 spent on food and alcohol :-) )

Today has consisted of sweating out the hangover and recovering from eating 3 cows and 2 pigs worth of hamburgers / steaks / sausages. My stomach has taken a battering and I just hope that everything was cooked properly - if I'm still feeling ropey tonight / tomorrow then I'll know it wasn't just the alcohol!

I have managed to play a few hundred hands this afternoon and logged a £150 profit - although still getting caned on the EV. I'm now missing £800 worth of value in May, so although my P&L is just over £100 up, I should be closer to 1k. We all have these spells I guess and not too downhearted - I'm just looking forward to the upswing that should be coming my way soon :-)


  1. I think the Toon are fucked mate, well and truly.

    Their wage bll is much larger than my team leeds' was and we are still crippled now. Who will want half of their overaid lazy bastard players like martins, Owen, Duff etc and how much would they pay for them if they were wanted?

    Shame really as I have a soft spot for Newcastle, I just don't see them ever recovering from this.

  2. I see where you are coming from but I think we'll have to wait and see. The Geordies I know up here aren't actually that downhearted now that Shearer is in charge and I think they'll get behind them massively next year if he's still there - meaning even with a bunch of kids / unproven XI they'll have enough about them to get in the promotion mix.

    I just hope that finances don't force them down to the next rung of football like Leeds. I'm a traditionalist and like having the big clubs in the Premier League - it's one of my biggest gripes seeing stadiums half empty. Teams like Bolton, Blackburn, Middlesboro and Wigan shouldn't be in the top flight - just my opinion like