Monday, 1 June 2009

May P&L‏

Up and down kind of month, with a few off the table events causing me to spend less energy on poker and more on normal life. I’ve still managed to log a fair few hands and if I hadn’t ran so bad (~ £700 missing EV) then I would have been on for another very good ‘part-time poker player’ month. Final stats:

NL Cash: £604
Rakeback / Bonus: £504
Total: £1108
(12.3k hands - 6.14BB/100)

My post flop game has improved massively, with my gay red line turning in to a positive manly profit maker for the first time in my poker career.
Linked to the above, I also feel as though my hand reading and pot controlling / value betting skills have got a lot better, meaning I feel in control of hands rather than be dictated to.

As explained in an earlier post, although my A game is good, I’ve burnt money this month by playing at bad times and / or in a bad frame of mind. I’m already making sure this stops so if I see myself post another one of these kinds of stories on my blog then I’ll be really pissed off with myself!
My motivation to complete 9 to 5 work has completely vanished. I had hoped moving to a new job would give me the inspiration to learn something new and prove myself in a new team, but to be honest the opposite has happened. I have some serious decisions to make in next week or so….

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