Thursday, 18 June 2009

Championez Championez

Ole Ole Ole!!

Our 5 a side team triumphed tonight in our works league, winning the semi final and final on finals night to claim our 4th title in 7 seasons. I'd like to say that I scored 5 in each match, was MOM and collected player of the night ..... so I will :-)
I would of course be lying - it was a squad effort and even though I managed to throw away our precious 7-6 lead in the last 10 seconds (ably assisted by John's suicide / hospital pass aross our box direct from KO) to mean we drew the final 7-7, Paddy and Homo saved the day by scoring the decisive penalty and saving their 3rd respectively. I was a very relieved man for 2 reasons, as I had also put my name down to take the first penalty in sudden death but was reprieved when Paddy bagged. I'm not sure my nerves / bottle would have held up but we'll never know now!!
Still not really playing much poker - lost a bit last night so now only £130 up for the month. Hoping to play a bit over the weekend the push up roll even further, but obviously still just waiting for work to finish so I can attack it all guns blazing.
I was going to write a long match report and also talk more about poker but it's late here - plus K keeps singing 'The Old Bamboo' after watching Big Brother, so I need to stop writing so I can shut her up - in a nice way of course :-)


  1. hmmmmm shut her up in what way?

    It was a squad effort indeed, i think i played my part, motivating the team

  2. Holmes - that team would have won without you haha