Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Work dragging but new flat found...

Days are dragging like hell at the moment. I’m making my way to work, early if I can get myself out of bed to leave early, but once I’m at work I am so bored. I moved in to a new department to look after a project due to go live July 1, with the real work not taking place until August. The plan was for me to spend the first 8 weeks or so learning my new job so that by the time August comes around, I’ll be a Zeuss. Since I handed in my notice last week though, that plan has gone to pot and left me with nowt to do all day. Although Briggs has made a career out of doing nothing, 3 weeks of this and I’m climbing the walls.

On the plus side we (me and K) have sorted out our flat move. We’ve been living in a mate’s flat, and although it served it’s purpose when it was me and Briggs (it was cheap, we saved money to go away to Thailand), it wasn’t exactly perfect to be living in with your girlfriend. Even though I’ve quit work and K is on a modest student + part time work income, I’ve decided to upgrade and rent a place on the Newcastle quayside. It’s got a great view of the river, and we are on the top floor (4th) of a new set of apartment blocks. We’re 10 minutes walk away from nightlife, so I figure the extra rent will in part be off set by the money saved in taxis – not to mention the happiness +EV this is bound to bring me at the poker table J

Talking of poker, I haven’t actually played much this month. I’m desperate to get stuck in to it, but as I know I’ve got a clear schedule ahead of me I’m not taking every opportunity to play in the evenings / weekend like I had been in the previous 2 months. In the only 2 decent sized sessions that I’ve had, I was mega aggressive bordering on reckless in one (losing £150) but played well and ran good in the other, meaning I’m about £180 up for the month overall. Needless to say I’ll be playing ALL the time once I’ve moved and off work, except when the Ashes are on of course….


  1. Nothing worse that having to sit around all day waiting for shit to do.

    That happened to me whilst I was in my old job and I ended up fucking about and surfing the net most of the day until they sacked me!

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