Friday, 19 June 2009


I hope the couple of days aren't trying to tell me something. I've lost just over £300 to put me a whopping £7 down for the month - hardly Brenos panic stations but it would have been nice to go in to my first pro month with a healthy profit. Still a couple of weeks to go but not looking fantastic.

I've gone through the hands and I don't think I'm making a lot of mistakes. I might have been a little over aggressive in some spots, but then when I think I get them in good with trips / flush etc, I turn out to be 2nd best hand. Either that or the board runs out crap - like the hand this evening where I flop top set with AA on AT2 board, where villain check / calls flop and turn before donking pot on river - AT284 - 4 suited. I think I might have angry called them in the past but took a deep breath and folded. I just hope cards run better for me next month!

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