Tuesday, 23 June 2009

That worried feeling…

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here and that’s mainly down to the following reasons:
1. I’m still pretty busy sorting out the house move – getting forms filled in, references done etc etc
2. I’m in a bad run of poker form and I don’t want to post whine after whine about my losing sessions
3. I’ve been feeling really shitty, suffering from headaches and dizziness, meaning I’m reluctant to play and even less inclined to write up when I do play.

To be honest, I also think the bottom 2 points are feeding off each other. I’m not playing well as I’m not feeling great, but I also think that I’m not feeling great because I’m starting to get worried about the fact I’m not winning and I’m leaving work! This is probably the poker definition of a vicious circle, and I need to work out a way to break it.

I’m hoping that once I have left work (my last day next week) and move house (July 6th expected move date) and then get internet sorted (maybe July 10th??) and then make sure that K has a good birthday (July 12th) I’ll start to feel a bit better and less stressed. Until then, I’ll just be playing a few hours when I get a chance but will hit the tables massively July 13th onwards :-)


  1. Also,

    Brenos' knee operation on 10th July.

    Must be worrying knowing I'll be taking your place at footy in a couple of months ;-)

  2. Also busy at work completiting all loose ends and doing handover!