Sunday, 28 June 2009

Long Overdue Post

What can i say? I've been busy so I may well fill this post with a lot of chatter, so going to start by sticking a few facts down to help me remember the past week. Here's a quick breakdown of what I've been up to since my last post - beside working hard 9-5 in the office. REAL hard if anyone from my work is reading this :-)

Tues - 9 a side football

Wed - Go Karting

Thur - 5 a side football

Fri - Drinks in town from 5 pm to 5 am

Sat - Sleep / Thai meal in town

Sun - 7 a side football

After my last couple of worried posts I decided to try and not stress too much - despite many of the 'helpful' comments I've been getting on here- and concentrated on getting my fitness back instead of playing poker. My legs have been aching today so guess that's a good sign I'm on the right track - same again next week and I'll start feeling a lot better I'm sure.

I went to go karting with work and thought it was awesome. For a discounted £20 we got a 15 minute qualifying secion then a 30 minute race. Despite spinning off on the first lap of qualifying and in the race itself, I managed to finish a respectable 7th of 15 - not bad when half the field seem to be semi pros! Phil 'Red Fish' Baker won (again) so I'll be trying to bribe him for more driving line secrets to get even better for next time.

Friday night was meant to be spent at Durham CCC in the sunshine, watching the 20/20. As I run bad at life when it comes to big days out (see also Epsom Derby), it decided to piss it down with rain, despite the fact the other 6.25 days of the week were glorious sunshine. Thankfully we made the correct call at 4:45 and decided not to trapes all the way to Durham and instead headed to Centurion to watch the U21's and get hammered. By 6 pm job was done :-) An XL Bacon Double Cheesburger Meal at 8pm kept me alive enough to make it to Madame Koo (?), Floritas and one more bar that I always forget the name of but hear that John and Carl like quite a lot....

Sleepawody duly showed up at midnight to be ushered out of the bar with no name, shortly followed by Briggs on his way to a pre scheduled appointment with Facebook's main rival. It was well worth it apparantely, and things took place there that I could never repeat on here. However if you really want to know more then head to Thai Siam and ask the staff there - 4 of us (me, K, Briggs and Brennan) were there on Saturday and they heard all about it!! Some people just don't know how to whisper....

Poker wise I've actually made a mini recovery and now back in profit for the month - £64 up on Laddies. Me and Brennan also hit Aspers on Friday night / Saturday morning and combined our winnings to take home £142 profit each. Not bad when you consider I lost £80 on my second hand, but I should never have worried as I proceeded to get £200 AI pre flop with AA against a crazy Chinese man who called a £180 reraise with JQ. Brennan luck boxed his way to a few pots which also helped, so we called it a night in a healthy profit if not so healthy worse for wear.

Only one more week at work for me now, then full on poker life. I can't wait :-)


  1. Hi Holmes Big Deal,
    I was out for a Thai meal with friends this evening and was horrified to overhear staff discussing a conversation that they had heard shouted accross the room on a previous evening.
    The details of which sound remarkably similar to a friend of mine who has been having an on/off/on/I CAN NEVER GO BACK/on again relationship with a well liked local professional (everyone 'proper loves him' apparantly).
    I just felt I had to post to clear up a few points 1) The baseball bat was clean 2) The hamster did infact survive and 3) The police were called out to next door, not myspace I mean my house.
    Please be aware of how damaging future posts may be.
    PS it's not even that big.