Saturday, 25 July 2009

All aboard the weekend money train!!!!

Kerrrrrchhhhiiiinnnngg!!!!! I've just had an awesome run like god session winning £420 in 70 minutes on NL100.

I had built up my bankroll just enough to have a go at one table on NL200 tonight (as per my life guiding spreadsheet) but decided to break the rules and stick with NL100 rather than jump up stakes. My theory was that I know all of the reg's at NL100 so I avoid them and can then concentrate on the drunken fishes, rather than worry about the unkowns at the level above. Can't complain with the results :-)

That last session means my combined winnings for Friday and Saturday night this week are £810. Not bad for a weekend's work!! Will be online again tomorrow afternoon and evening to see if good run continues... fingers crossed...


  1. well done HN!!! good call on staying on the NL100 tables all in good time for the NL200. When are you going to play check_lol heads up for rolls??? xxxxx

  2. check_looollllzzz26 July 2009 at 04:29


  3. weeeeeeeee, hows life as a full time fish mate?