Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I've just been doing this fo the past 40 mins, losing £300 in that time. I had more than a bit of bad luck with AA losing AI on the flop of 952 to TT, and also had everyone hitting gut shots on me left right and centre. Not easy to get away when you have AK on a AK9J board against an aggro opponent. I also paid off someone elses gut shot hit when I couldn't get past thinking they were bluffing me so felt as though I had to call.
One other stack off was with AQ, I raise pre in SB, BB 3bets me. In this spot I love a check raise on low boards as they need a big pair to call me, and likely outcome is I still have 6 outs (maybe 3!). Anyway, I check raise a 822 board and he time banks before making a hero call with AK. Wp, nh. Wanker. He was a regular and the same bloke that then skinned me in the AK hand above so I'm not his biggest fan - although he's probably adding me to his buddy list as we speak!!!
I knew I'd hit a bad patch and think this is it. I'm now on only £1100 profit before rakeback so need to win a couple of sessions soon.

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