Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Update

Had a quiet ish day today - winning £200 this afternoon in an hour but bled away about £100 this afternoon even though my EV says I should have been £100 up. I'm not going to complain though as I'm still about 300 up in EV this month.

At the moment I'm in the middle of a 5 euro freezout multi tournament that has been going on for 2 hours and there are still 156 players left!!! I only registered late as I saw Brenos was playing and I wanted to get some hands against him for some banter. Typical though that he gets himself knocked out within 10 minutes and I double up and now I'm stuck playing one table while watching BB - not exactly the kind of evening a poker pro should be having!!

Anyway, I'm going to finish this and finish the tournament - 87 of 148 atm.

EDIT - finished about 60th for a massive pay out of 9 euros - that's 3.5 euro profit for 3 hours work - oh yeah!!!!

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