Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Up and running

I have finally managed to end my internet access hell by buying a dongle (spelling??) for £35 and can use it as a pay as you go from now on if I need to. I have £15 on it at the moment which I hope will last me through to July 22nd when Sky finally get round to turning my broadband on. Lazy bastards. Plan is now to play a gazillion hands in the next 2 weeks to earn some rakeback and hopefully finish in a decent position on the RTR leaderboard. So far I have managed 830 hands for a grand total of £10 profit today over two sessions. I'm a poker god me :-)

In non poker news, I had a mint weekend with K to celebrate her 24th birthday - going out for a couple of mealks and quad biking for 2 hours on a farm in Otterburn. For anyone that hasn't done it I'd thoroughly recommend it. Funniest moment for me was seeing K's face when she got stuck in a swamp, then in a ditch, then after she broke the back light of another quad bike after driving in to the back of it! Luckily the quad bike owner didn't notice and we did a runner before he checked the vehicles - it's nice to run good at life :-)

Right - time for me to see if there are any decent tables running at this hour. I'm a bit knackered after football but reckon I've got just enough energy for one more hour of poker. This working life can get tough sometimes!!

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