Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Week in Review

It's been nearly a week since I last posted so I feel as though I owe the blog a bit of effort. However, I don't think 01:30 am will be the time for me to write in detail about everything that's just been happening - I'll just start a few bullet points per day and see how it goes....

Thursday 16th

Brenos arrives and we play the Aspers £30 freezeout. I make it to last 14 before having my QQ busted by 44 all in pre flop to just miss out on final table. Most luckboxes I know with blogs never mention they're good beats, but as I had KQ beat AA for close to all my chips 2 rounds earlier I'm not going to complain too much. I win it back on cash tables afterwards but a 3 am finish means it wasn't going to be an early morning on Friday. (Congrats to Toward who showed us 'pros' how it should be done, taking down 4th I think in the tournament)

Friday 17th

I continue to run good on 6max winning another £100 then just getting the better of Brenos on Mario Kart before being thrashed at bowling. You can definitely tell he hasn't had a job in the past 4 years...

Saturday 18th

I run K to the station so she can catch her hen party bus to Liverpool at 7 am in the morning - it might have been later but still felt too early!! Rolled back in to bed before lucboxing some more online wins (£150) and then hosted the lads poker game. I used to play the home games very tight and therefore if I didn't win money, I didn't lose much either. Since I've moved to 6max online though I've loosened up - and it costs me in every game! Went through 3 buy ins and busted out first in the first game, my AJ clearly no good vs Brennan's 69 offsuit in a raised pot - flop A69.

Second game is even more blurry but I do last longer than Brenos, but duly follow him to the losers Wii shortly afterwards. Briggs continues to batter all before him in home games, winning one of the 2 games for what feels like the 5th poker night in a row. I'm just pleased he doesn't want to put money in to Ladbrokes as I have a feeling I'd be broke if I played against him there too!

Sunday 19th

Sleep, then one late freeroll on Laddies where 88 loses all in pre flop versus hoodoo 44.

Monday 20th

A losing day at poker!!! What the fuck?!?! Have 3 losing sessions out of 4 but actually count myself fortunate to only lose £100 - it could have been a lot more.

Tuesday 21st

Another disappointing day, although a slightly winning one - making about £50. I was a lot more up but lost £200 in the late night session tonight, calling off a bit lightly where I think I'm being 'outplayed' by regulars. This I think is my new problem, where I don't believe anyone has a hand therefore call down a lot with 2nd pair. I'm perfect for value towning at the moment by anyone who appears to be stealing from late position. I'll watch a couple of videos tomorrow on blind defence and tighten up my game - an annoying leak.

I also played football tonight and any fitness I thought I had has been shot to pieces. I'm overweight, slower than normal and all my muscles ache. Even if I didn't have K reminding me every day, I can tell I'm on my way to 30....

Right - that was more than I thought I'd write. I'm going to be a bit more disciplined and keep this updated more regularly. At least I'll try.

Just for Azz - good luck to everyone at the tables!!


  1. Hosting the poker night?!
    Ian brought the Poker Chips, Briggsy ordered the food, Brennan sorted out Poker Clock and John and I brought some Wii stuff :-)

  2. unemployed bums are always lazy azz