Monday, 27 July 2009

Bad day at the office

I've lost £350 today but actually feel a bit relieved, as I was over £500 down before sitting down for my last late night session, where I clawed back some of my losses. I should also have an extra £100 in the bank after a 1/2 stacker check called 2 streets in raised pot with TT on a Q522 board. I was pretty confident that my JJ was in front as her was a 40/10 fish, but I clearly bargain for the 2 outer he knew was coming on the river. Ho hum.

I think the main problem I've had in the past couple of days is that I'm trying to move up limits, playing one table of NL200 alongside my NL100. I'm a bit of a stresshead at the best of times, and at the moment I haven't yet mastered the bet sizes - I'm still working out the NL100 sizes and doubling them - and it's knocking me off my game at both levels. I've made more than a couple of 'moves' today whenI don't need to - for example the classic 'he's got AK' reraise shove with middle pair, only to walk straight in to overpairs or trips on flops.

I know that there are not that many people on here making bluff raises or check raise bluffing, but during the hands I just can't force myself to believe them! I've written a scribbled note that now sits on my laptop listing some of the shitty plays that I keep making - I'll keep adding to it as time goes by but it's already longer than I'd like it to be!!

I have no idea where I'm currently at in terms of the RTR rake race, but I think I've raked somewhere in the region of $1500 so far this month, meaning I'll get a bit of a bonus at the end of the month. I've only got 2 days left of poker before I depart for a weekend in Paris with K, so I'll be logging a few more hands in the next 2 days to try and get me maximum bonus. Hopefully I won't do my usual trick and throw away my winnings in order to win an extra $50 in rakeback!!!