Sunday, 2 August 2009

Paris and getting old!!! (er)

Just got back tonight after a great weekend with K in Paris to celebrate my 30th birthday. 30th birthday - not 40th - or 140th - as some people would like to think!!

We did the sightseeing day on Friday, visting The Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame during the day, then went to see a classic French cabaret show in the evening. Basically 'classic' means women wandering around dancing topless and gay guys prancing around in revealing outfits to numerous different tunes. Definitely a unique viewing experience!! Link here for anyone wanting a sneak preview:

K sorted out a champagne reception for me and a birthday cake so was a great way to see in my 4th decade....

Saturday was an early start (6 am!!) so we could make our way to Euro Disney for a full day of rides and juenille fun. Tower of Terror and Space Mountain were very fast, the former being ridiculously scary! They put you in a lift, then throw you up and down the building vertically until your stomach feels as though it's about to come through your skull. I would say good practice for Stratosphere but as I've already done them I'm not going to be doing it again this time around :-)

Meal out Saturday night then long lie in Sunday morning before leisurely stroll around Paris and more cafe coffees and crepes completed a great weekend. I've heard a few people talk about how great Paris is but didn't expect to like it that much - but I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

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  1. Of course you loved Paris!!! you got to get yourself back there for a serious poker tournament now :0) Louise