Monday, 24 August 2009

Macau Run Good

Just made it in to the BA lounge having received our second free upgrade to business class of this trip, meaning that Soap and myself will now be wined and dined in the luxurious upper deck on the way home. Free champagne and alcohol will no doubt flow and help us both get plenty of sleep on the way home - life is good.

I'll probably put on a more detailed post up here in the next few days once I'm back in the swing of online play, but as most people know Soap proved he isn't the eternal luckbox that me and Brennan assume, busting out of the APT in unfortunate fashion on day 1. He'll ship one of these one day I'm sure. I once again failed in my one attempt on the live cash tables so will not be leaving the cyber tables for a while yet - I still have a lot of learning to do!

Looking forward to getting home now and seeing K, sleeping in my own bed, eating decent food that doesn't mess with my insides, watching english TV and doing some exercise in non 35 degree heat. I slag off England a fair bit, but the weather here is unbearably hot so a cool summers breeze on the quayside will be much appreciated.

Catch up with everyone soon.


  1. Can't wait to see you HN! You forgot to put you miss me kicking your arse at mario cart!;-)
    Love you loads xxxx

  2. arrrrrrrrgh. just read yor swing central post. didnt know u supported Spurs. DIE!