Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Slow Progress

I managed to claw back about £80 in profit today after playing just over 2k hands. I ran badly in a lot of spots, and about £200 behind EV for the day, but also spewed off a buy in or two (again) at NL100. I need to sort my head out a bit as beginning to get a bit of the Carl tilt monster and not handling the bad beats as well as I could....

Talking of which.... during one of my tilty phases, I even paid off Carl the rock with 2 streets of value on a A2236 board with 99 - no idea what the river call was about as clearly behind, but I'll live and learn. Hopefully this little bankroll boost will help him get back in to playing more regularly - and that he remembers this donation when he turns it in to £20k in 6 months time :-)

1 comment:

  1. well you will let my 45 in, felt there was plenty of value calling the $4 raise pre on button with 3 people already in. Was glad everyone checked flop and let me get there ;-)

    I was half expectig you to raise the river as usually when you hang on in you have the house, tried to play properly on your table, still cant get grinding head on as I was bored and loose concentration so quick these ddys