Sunday, 16 August 2009

Swing Central!!

What a crazy days worth of poker. I managed to be down 565 Euros at one point, before a late night rally - mainly on NL50 - clawing back most of my losses so that I ended up a mere £27 for the day. I ran bad then ran good, including one hand where I cold called a 3bet shove for 100 BB (50 euros) with JT offsuit. I could have sworn I had JJ, but no matter, as his 77 had no chance on a JT2 flop :-)

I'm also in a good mood today as the mighty Spurs kicked off the season in style with a deserved win over title contenders Liverpool. We battered them in the first half and I'm pleased with the shape of the team at the moment - however the big tests for us won't be against the big boys at home but against the physical northern teams away - starting Wednesday. Back to back victories would be awesome and a much better way to start the season than last years shambles.

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