Monday, 10 August 2009

Got To Hate Mondays!!!

After a great weekend on the tables I've had a grim Monday night, playing for about 3 hours and losing £150. Obviously could have been worse and not the end of the world, but to be honest I was more disappointed with the way that I played rather than the result. I'm still making a few too many unnecessary moves against regulars, and only single barrelling fish retards when I know they normally have pap and just should keep firing away until they fold. Ho hum.

On a happier note, I've made it down south to see my sister and her new baby girl - who is so cute!!! K is with me and I'm massively losing the 'having a baby is not a good idea' argument!! Maybe a couple of sleepless nights will change her mind on the immediate necessity of babies.... we're here til Friday so we'll see....

Crap - forgot to write about golf. It was a class day up by Seahouses on a mint course, and as expected I was more than a bit ring rusty - shooting 10 then 10 on the first 2 holes. I picked up a bit after that (mainly thanks to Azz's ultimately forgiving driver) to score some points on the Stableford scoring system, but two more 9's meant that I went round in a generous 114. More practice needed before Vegas me thinks.

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