Thursday, 27 August 2009

Poker Run Shit / Macau photos

Since I've returned from Macau and left Mark and his magic run good aura, I've had a nightmare. I've dumped all of my month's profit, plus a bit more, in two days - losing about £800 in the process. Doesn't help that I'm £700 behind in EV for the month - Budha is not smiling on me any more! Not good when I know Vegas is just arround the corner. I need to put in some hands in next couple of weeks and hope fortune changes.

I've decided I can't be arsed with a proper Macau round up, but our schedule pretty much went like this for most of the week:
wake up --4pm
potter around room / playing internet poker -- 7pm
go out for food -- 9 pm
drinks -- 2 am
me fight mark away from laptop and busting my roll on PLO 3/6 --4 am

I'll stick a couple of photos on here now of the skyline, the Venetian and Mark doing his Usain Bolt impression - or should I say Bee Gee dance by the Wynn fountains....

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