Saturday, 8 August 2009

Got to love the weekend!!!

Michael Gray definitely had the right idea when he wrote his song - and although I'm not entirely certain that he was thinking about poker when he directed this video - it's a good enough intro in to my last few days that I'm sure I can get away with a link to his class video below :-)

So anyway, after grinding / struggling all week with poker, I put in a few hours on Friday and Saturday night and suddenly the world is rosy again. I made about £70 yesterday but hit some hands this evening - mostly in my last 70 minute session - and finished the day £400+ up meaning I'm nearing a £500 profit for the past 2 days. My monthly P&L suddenly isn't looking so bad.....

I'm crashing earlier this Saturday than normal as I'm off to play golf tomorrow with some of the footy lads. I got in to golf a couple of years ago, and for a beginner I thought I picked it up quite well. Only problem is that was 2 years ago, and haven't played at all since last summer (where I was only an occasional golfer) so more than a bit rusty. Wise man Holmes decides it's a good idea to break his golf duck for the year by playing a ridiculously hard sounding lynx golf course in Durr.....brough (can't remember the name!!). I'm going to be shit and quitely shitting myself, especially as all my mates have been having sly golf lessons and now 10 times better than me. I can only hope the sun is shining and my group are lenient with the 'new tree rule' :-)

I'll play poker again tomorrow night so will update on here how many holes I completed before giving up on the golf course...

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