Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Getting there.... and new arrivals

My worried spell didn't last too long and I feel much more relaxed now. A good kick up the arse was probably all I needed, and I went back to the NL100 tables tonight with moderate success. Won about £200 but could /should easily have been more if luckox Soap hadn't shoved over my bet / reraise in a raised pot with 56 suited - my trip 2's obviously no good against that monster on a A28 board :-) I guess it's my own fault as I did get him to join our table due to another monster fish playing a 78/2 style - wish I hadn't now as I lost £120 in the time he was sat at the table!!

In non poker news I am now a proud Uncle, as my l'il sis gave birth to a baby girl this morning - Tilia was born weighing just over 8 lbs. I've seen a picture already but as my folks / family live down south I won't get to see them until next week - I can't wait. This is the second part of what promises to be a mint August and September, which has included and will include:

Paris for my birthday

New Holmes arrival

U2 gig in London

Macau with Soap

Vegas with lads

Oh - and Blackpool for the toon game - nearly forgot the main event there!!!


  1. LOL

    You you missed Ben the fish Holmes min raises in possy 1

  2. Congrats on becoming an uncle and all the best to your sis. If they have another kid they should call it Fibia :-D

  3. Sherlock gets my vote