Tuesday, 7 July 2009

How stressful and tiring is moving house???

'Very' is the answer to this rhetorical question. Me and K have spent the last 2 days ferrying clothes, furniture, DVD's, crockery and iron man suits (amongst other things) from our old place in Wallsend to our new luxurious pad on the quayside. 2 bedrooms, decent sized open plan front room / dining room / kitchen and 4th floor view balcony doors opening up to a view of the Tyne. Much better than living above a shop with scally kids throwing rubbish in to our front garden.

All this moving has meant my first week of pro has meant very little poker. I did manage to get a few hours in on Sunday night and also played for about 3 hours today - and doing OK. Just over £500 up this month so far, but as I'm not going to be able to play now until internet gets installed in our new place next Monday, the chances of me beating Brenos in the RTR rake race are slim. Shame like as I know he's a lazy bastard and I could have taken him!!!

Anyway - time to play football. I hope year end has finished for all those stuck in the office in my old work - I can't begin to explain how happy I was on Sunday night when I turned OFF my alarm to STOP me waking up on Monday morning :-)

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  1. Can get wireless broadband on 3 for £5 a month.

    I just use my doggle rather than Internet conenction at the moment.