Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bad start to the month / Cooking Lessons

Alas, the back end of last month has rolled over to this one, meaning I'm about £150 down after 2 days. Not the flying start that I am used to following November, but not too bad. I think part of the problem is that I'm starting my sessions loading up loads of tables, and get stuck playing 6 tables while I work out which ones are the best to keep. This leads me to start session losing, as I can't concentrate on the table action and fold all but premium hands and give up to pressure. Once I'm behind on a session it always feels like I'm chasing, which is retarded I know as I know I should play for the long term not to the short term. I'll change this from now onwards and see if it helps.

In other non poker news continuing the run bad theme, spurs were knocked out undeservedly against Man Utd last night. I also committed the cardinal sin of cooking bacon and leaving it unattended while I nipped to the loo quickly - something that I now know you should never do. Cue burnt bacon, a front room filled with smoke and 2 smoke alarms going off!! The image of me running around trying to open the windows and turn the oven off and unplug the alarms - while not having 'finished' my visit's purpose - is not a pretty one. That mistake will not happen again!!!

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