Saturday, 12 December 2009

I run like shit!!!!!!!!!

I'm down in cash today, running bad, probably down another £100 at the moment for the day. I'm running KK in to AA as well, which isn't great news when I just can't suck out no matter how many times it happens to me.

Anyway, the real reason I want to rant is that I've just busted out of the best value freeroll ever. Players Only Poker, 23 runners, top prize of $13k! 2nd prize $1k, pays down to 10th. Unbelievable value, but not when you run like shit. I lose below 3 hands that I get in pre flop- all of which would have put me chip leader - and bust out 12th. Gutted.

A4 suited vs K6
JJ vs 59 off suit
Ak vs JJ

I've pokerstoved this and put my 2:2 maths degree to work to calculate I lose ALL 3 of this only 2.99 times in 100.


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  1. sry mate but this post made me chuckle. ul hope it turns around soon etc etc blah fkin blah