Friday, 4 December 2009

The Worm Has Turned!

The bad start to the month has been halted and I've managed to drag myself back in to profit for the first time this month today. I'm starting to log more hours now and played nearly 6k hands this month in the first 4 days, bang on target for my first ever 40k hands month. Been a long time coming I know....
Anyway, having just spouted on about my good volume month, I'm now going to take a break until Sunday :-) I have football tomorrow, where I'm going to freeze my nuts off in order to try and shed my Xmas fat that I've put on BEFORE the festive season. Bah Humbug. I'll be back online on Sunday though as I've qualified for 3 freerolls, across Full Tilt, Players Only and Ladbrokes. Here's hoping for run good one time!!!!


  1. Nice 1 - good month to log the volume as with xmas parties etc you will get weekends in the week @ poker:

  2. ps watch out for a new fish around your levels trying to build a roll !!