Saturday, 19 December 2009

No Progress / Personal Rant

I haven't updated my blog as there's not really been too much to tell poker wise, I haven't played as much as I should due to social commitments, and when I have I simply seem to be treading water. I get back to level for the month one minute, then drop a few buy ins next session to put me back again. I'm currently still £250 down for the month, and it's putting me in a shit mood before xmas.

I'm also a bit stressed as I really want to play more to try and get my account back to reasonable shape but I'm due to head down to K's then my parents house on Monday, and as it's Xmas I know I also need to be sociable when I'm home. I had a reasonable month last month so bits of me thinks 'fuck poker' for Xmas then start again in New Year, but then that leaves me with my first losing / break even month, which will sting like a bitch - making me a miserable person over Xmas anyway!

I basically need to sort my head out and start working to a schedule again, which I have failed to do for a while now. I got myself a decent timetable written up but not stuck to it since October, and that's annoying me too. Losing personal discipline and not being on top of things is probably the single thing that gets to me - and on top of poker discipline I've also lost discipline on keeping fit too. I'm turning in to a fat, slow bastard - even slower than I used to be (which I didn't think possible) - and that's affecting my mood as well! There's going to be a lot of new years resolutions written on here in next week or so and I'm hoping that having them available for all to see will help motivate me to put them in place.

Anyway - this was meant to be a short poker update but kind of gone off on one talking about things on my mind. There's tonnes of good stuff going on in my life too but it is hard to appreciate sometimes if I feel shit about other stuff. I'll have a word with myself and hopefully post some better / more positive updates in near future.


  1. Ahhh time... I wish I had more of it for sure. With work and life commitments poker really drys up this time of year.

    Oh btw, that deal I am on is FLAT 55% rakeback and no deductions if you win prizes in any rake races.

    Not come across you at the tables yet, when do you normally play and what levels? (NL100?)

  2. That sounds like a good deal that - which skin do you play on? I'm through Ladbrokes, but could be tempted to change if a respectable company.... I know Prima have had some shit skins go bust with people losing bankrolls, so I'm a bit wary of moving from Ladbrokes where I'm confident my roll is safe.

    I do play NL100, through the day and evenings, basically whenevr I feel like playing. I'll keep an eye out for you :-)

  3. Chin up mate

    Add the 2 months together (Nov and Dec) and you would take that every 2 months.

    Make sure you get a few sesssions in over xmas to take advantage of drunken fish