Sunday, 6 December 2009


Will I ever learn??? Holmes blog curse strikes again, and after posting a good update report I proceed to drop £300 in my next session, putting me back to about evens for the month. Balls to poker.

Here's hoping Spurs cheer me up and do the business against Everton this afternoon, although I have a nasty feeling it'll be a 1-0 snooze fest to the home team. We'll create a bunch of early chances, miss them all, then Everton will score from a set piece late in first half. We'll try hard in second half but get nowhere. I'm going to put some money on it now to at least get some feelgood factor from a defeat - I hate supporting Spurs sometimes - you can't be confident of beating anyone!!


  1. atleast your putting in good volume fella, think of the rake ;-) we going to get a home game sorted before xmas? I could top up your bankroll with some rebuys

  2. Good shout - it's usually tradition for Suddes to have an invitational so let's wait and see! I could definitely use with some of your rebuys too :-)