Sunday, 6 December 2009

Tournaments are shit

Played 3 freerolls tonight and crashed and burned in all of them, getting my chips in behind and sucking out in none of them. I obviously can't get annoyed about that but played some tournaments before hand and everyone of my hands that I got in while ahead DID get sucked out on - it's not right I tell thee!

To top it off, spurs did the predictable and threw away a 2 goal lead, missing a hat full of chances, to draw with an Everton side ravaged by injuries. I rate Defoe but he's NEVER EVER been a penalty taker, he has a shit record from 12 yards and should not have taken it. Gareth Bale or Huddlestone should have stepped up (as Keane was on bench) but I fear Defoe is just too greedy to let someone else take it. Hopefully 'Arry sees the light and fixes this next time.

Will be hitting cash tables later so hoping luck / mood of next post is a more positive one.

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