Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's Back

Man flu has returned, and although I'm desperate to play some poker having not played since Sunday, I'm not sure my head is right. I might play some micro stakes or some tournaments later to
a) minimise losses risk if I make a stupid mistake
b) avoid getting too stressed with my decision making - tournies will be push or fold anyway!
Here's hoping I get begtter quickly as need to eek out a profit before Xmas gets here...


  1. DIAGNOSIS: You are manic depressive.

    Seriously. I hope you are exercising poetic license and overly dramatising blog entries for your avid fanbase. Otherwise I'm calling the doctor. Chill. You can't win every session. Take both with an even keel :-)

  2. I was also thinking that you had been sounding more negative in rercent posts than you'd normally be, maybe it is just to spice the blog up as I always saw Benny boy as a glass is half full type of guy.

    ps you get ill lots, is that the pro poker lifestyle kicking in?

  3. get well soon mate. A bit of PMA would prolly do you good too. :-)

  4. cheers for the words of encouragement lads :-)