Sunday, 18 January 2009

Come on Spurs..... F Off Spurs

I hate being a Spurs fan. We create a million chances and take one, they run up the other end get a deflected 25 yarder in to the bottom corner and rag a 1-1 draw. I should count my blessings because we usually lose those games, at least we got a point. Not going to stop every Geordie / Everton / Man Utd fan taking p though. Thank god Toon are going to be relegated with us or this season would be awful!

On poker front, had a low volume day. Played for about 3 hours total but picked up a nice $300 profit. I'm still running faster than Adam King at a home game (can't lose a race at the moment) so expecting tide to turn soon, but right now I'm about $1200 up for January, which is $400 above EV. Think I'll still be taking day off tomorrow for beach and sunshine, but might try and sneak a couple of hours online in the evening when Katrina isn't looking :-)


  1. F off Spurs! i couldn't agree more, be prepared for when we beat you 4-0 in the second leg tomorrow after your lucky first leg result!

    other than that you all appear to be having a great time out there which doesnt cheer me up either!

  2. Ha ha - 4-0 - in your dreams!!! Have been meaning to give you some abuse about 1st leg but thought I better wait until after tomorrow in case you turn us over 3 zip and sneak through on away goals.

    How are the mighty DHP doing?

  3. DHP finals night tomorrow, not sure on the squad, Ager is sorting it. I can't play, going to Paris for a couple of days for the anniversary, means i miss the Burnley game, if Burnley win 4-0 there will be a divorce!