Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I continue to run like a god. I'm up to 6 tables on NL100 now, and just finished a 2 hour session $450 up. As stated, I'm still ahead of EV and winning more than my share of 50 / 50's, but I've also ran cowboys in to bullets and sets in to oversets, which on Holdem Manager EV it looks like bad play when in fact I'm miles ahead of their ranges when I get the money in. I can analyse the data to the cows come home about what I 'should' be winning but luckily for me facts are I'm currently $1500 up in January - so as Brennan says you can take the Sklansky $ and I'll take the real one :-)

Ignoring the fact I am running well, I am also playing a lot better. I'm 6 tabling now and don't feel uncomfortable at the limits. I still find a couple of spots that are tricky - especially 3bet pots where I am out of position - but that is to be expected I guess. I'll learn which regulars are playing back at me in these spots and look to hammer them back soon....

On non-poker front I have promised Katrina that I'll go with her to the beach tomorrow. She's been absolutely awesome this whole trip, despite the endless poker and football discussions I've had with the lads, and not complained once. Taking a leaf out of Team Dobbs blogg post, I'm going to take this opportunity to say thank you to K and also to say I'm a lucky SOB!!!

Good luck to all those grafting away at the tables... I'll be back on it tomorrow night.


  1. aww thanks HN, love you xxxx

  2. Quality form mate, keep it up. Gonna make my latest come back at the weekend I reckon. Proper envious of the lifestyle!

  3. look after the diamonds and they look after you