Saturday, 31 January 2009

January P&L

Shit last session yesterday (lost $500 in about 2 hours) put a downer on what looked a really good month, but overall I'm still pretty happy. Obviously this is the first chance that I have had to play a LOT of hours as haven't had to worry about work (awesome :-)) and I hope to put a few hours in next month to see if current win rate is sustainable (or can be improved).

Cash: $1200
Bonus / Rakeback: $540
STT: -$5

Total: $1735

(hours played 66.5)

Turns out that the bonus / rakeback deal that I thought we would be getting is not actually the value that I was paid - therefore final figures are now shown above.... annoying as could have done with that extra $270!!!

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  1. Awesome! You're a poker playing genius :-)