Thursday, 15 January 2009

Oh yeah

After getting a bit crushed yesterday when 4 tabling, I decided to take a step back and play 2 tables at a time to get my bearings at NL100 - especially bet sizes which are completely different to my normal game of NL50. There's also tonnes more pre and post flop action so more decisions are needed and I found myself a bit rushed, so thought it might be a wise move.

As it turns out, I was partially right - although running good also helps. Played for a total of 4 hours today and picked up a nice $210 win, putting me $500 up so far in Thailand. Lots more poker to be played in the rest of the week, with the plan being to get up early tomorrow to catch the late night Europeans on the tables.

In other Thailand news, it's still scorching here. I managed to squeeze 3 hours in at the pool and go out for a meal for less than £6 (starter, main course and 2 drinks). This country is awesome!!

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