Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Initial Aims

As everyone who has been in earshot of me for the past 6 months knows, I've managed to wangle 3 months out of work to travel to SE Asia, with the plan to see some sights, catch some sun and play shedloads of poker. I'm here with Brenos, Briggs and my awesome girlfriend Katrina - hopefully she won't leave me after listening to me talk about poker non stop for 10 weeks!!

Here are my poker aims for the next 3 months:
1. Play poker or be studying poker for at least 37.5 hours per week
Although I'm here to have a good time, I really want to get better at poker and give it 'a proper go'. This means putting as much time in to this as I would to my normal work at home.

2. Step up from beating NL50 game to beating NL100 - potentially having a look at NL200 before I return to UK in April

3. Study some videos on MTT strategy and play some of the bigger tournaments (£50 buy ins etc) rather than waste time on the smaller $20 STT's that I know I can beat already.

4. Win some money!!!

Non poker aims:
1. Keep Katrina happy :-)

2. Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia

3. Attend the Full Moon party in Kho Phangan

4. Island hop for 1 week or so in Thailand

OK - now time for poker :-)

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