Saturday, 17 January 2009

A lot of play for minimal pay....

Poker is a strange game. I play for 3 hours straight on Big Slick and end up about $100 down, making a few bad decisions and calling down too cheaply. I tried to move up to 4 tables and it backfired a bit, meaning my decisions were rushed - not helped by the fact I logged on to a couple of 'Turbo' tables by accident. I was just working my way back from a $200+ hole on Big Slick when the site decided to crash on me, leaving me in two minds whether to stop playing and watch the rest of the Hull / Arsenal game (we're 7 hours ahead here) or log on to another site to try my luck there.

Luckily for me I signed in to Ladbrokes, and 30 minutes later I hit a couple of awesome turn flushes and get paid off to make a $200 profit on the site, $100 overall for the evening. I am learning loads each time I play but I did make some bad decisions yesterday which I need to eradicate if I am to make any real progress. I'm planning on watching a couple more training videos today before hitting the tables for another long session tonight.

As you can tell from the above, I've not done much in the last few days other than play poker, with a couple of hours reserved for sunshine and eating out cheap. I think I'll take a break tomorrow and hit the beach with Katrina (and the lads), as I do think I'm abandoning her at times for the laptop. No point making a few hundred dollars if I make my girlfriend unhappy in the process!!!

Good luck to all, and hope the downswing for Soap and Carl ends soon... have every faith it will.

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