Thursday, 29 January 2009


Since my last post I have played another 2.5k hands and pulled back the losses from the last post, but not played anywhere near the same volume in the past week as I had previously. It's definitely a lot easier to get yourself motivated when you are on a hot streak versus when you are in a losing run - something I did not really appreciate when I used to berate Brennan for not playing when I was stuck in the office. Not as easy as it looks this playing poker mallarky....

That is not to say I've given up for the month. Friday night to Sunday night will include a lot of hours and hands in order to catch the weaker weekend poker player traffic and to try and release as much of the deposit bonus as possible. I'm definitely finding the games easier in the evenings and early mornings here (against the European evening players) rather than playing against the professional Scandies during the day. This is having a knock on effect on to my sleep patterns though, as staying in to the early hours often means a long lie in - I didn't arise until 2pm today! I'll get this sorted after the weekend though in order to get out and abouot on some day treks - I'm still desparate to get to Phi Phi island (plus a few more) but not quite got round to it yet. I guess we do have another 2 months in the sunshine to get everything completed.

It's a tough life :-)

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