Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Day 2 - Not so good

Played nearly a thousand hands yesterday at NL100 and lost just over $100. At the time I thought I had been outplayed in a few too many pots with a couple of bad beats - but looking through the stats now it shows that I was actually very unlucky..... my EV was actually +$100 so poker in effect owes me $200. Can't wait to have the poker gods smiling on my side today!

I haven't mentioned it on this blog yet, but the place we are staying in here is absolutely awesome. We have a 2 bedroom luxury apartment (1 en suite with shower and bath) situated in a new complex. The best thing is that the place is so new that hardly anyone is here, meaning we have the gym, 2 swimming pools and outdoor snooker table virtually to ourselves! Cue lots of swimming pool football, stupid dives off the diving board and the odd 'Shallow Hal' bombs by Briggsy :-)

Briggs is actually using the gym at the moment and surviving (just) on 2 meals a day - he's also threatening to grow his hair to emulate his favourite Everton player - expect a new player on the football pitch next season, our very own Felliani....

Right - poker time.

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