Friday, 23 January 2009


Just played my longest ever continuous session of cash poker. In total I played for 521 minutes (just under 9 hours) and rattled through 4277 hands. I ended up having to set a cut off of 11 am to stop (otherwise I might have played all day!), and after 4276 hands I was about $20 up. The I made a 3 street bluff against someone that it turns out I shouldn't and ended $140 down. With the bonus that I cleared and rakeback (hopefully - any news Mark?) then I will have ended the session a little bit up. Not exactly the way I wanted to do it though!!

Off out tonight for the Man Utd / Spurs thrashing (we are playing all our reserves to save our 'best players' for the relegation dogfight) so don't think I'll be playing poker again for a couple of days. Goo luck to all playing this weekend, especially Azzinhio who has vowed to make a comeback :-)

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