Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bad Day All Round

Alas, the good variance from my last post has ended abruptly, with Murphy's law deciding to use me as a practical example yesterday.

Work Hell
I know I have coplained on here loads about having to return to work next week after 3.5 months off, but I did actually have a decent job lined up for when I returned. Until yesterday. I get a phone call from my one of the bosses telling me that they have made some organisational changes and the job they had lined up for me is no longer available. They also say that they know I'm returning to work next week but at the moment they don't know where I'll be working - and that maybe I'll just have some menial office work to do next week until they get something sorted. It looks like I could be the best paid, most qualified photocopier in the whole of Newcastle next week!

I know there is a bit of a recession on and that jobs are hard to come by at the moment, and I know the decisions that effect me in big companies like the one I work for is not taken by my direct managers, but it is still a bit of a let down. I think I'll now end up in a department I hate in a job I don't want with limited career progression opportunites. I'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks but I might need to start taking serious stock of where I'm heading work wise.... something that was not on the agenda after all my time off.

Car Tax Hell
This one is kind of my fault. It's not that I hate cars - I mean, some of them really do look good and it's a pleasure to drive a fast one - but I do hate the amouont of time and money the SOB's cost. If there was decent cheap public trasnport then I think I'd seriously consider jacking them in, but as the UK is a hell-hole with shit weather (who want's to wait in the rain / wind for 30mins every day for a bus that costs £2 for 5 mins??), I guess I'm stuck with my beat up Peugeot 306 for a bit longer.

The down side of not caring about cars or car related things is that I'm very care-free with my 'important' car related documents. Which I have found is not the cleverest thing to be when it comes round to taxing the bitch. I usually tax it online as they have a record of your MOT etc, but this time the renewal form you need for this got sent to an old address and I've been unable to get it back in time. Queue frantic searching through all my old bank statements, phone records, gas / electric bills and old Xmas cards that I haven't thrown away in order to try and find the car information I need - all to no avail. I am missing a log book and a valid MOT certificate, and no idea where they are. My filing system is definitely going to get an overhaul.

Anyway, I need to get all these sorted before the 14th in order to avoid a hefty fine from the government's fancy computerised missing car Tax chaser - the one they show on TV all the time crushing your car etc etc. I've therefore booked my car in for an MOT now, 2 months before it's due one, and hoping to get the certificate back soon so I can get the car taxed at the beginning of next week. Easter holidays have come at a bad time though as everyone is shutting up shop for the weekend, so not sure if I'm going to get it back in time or not. My car also died on me the other day so I'm hoping there's nothing seriously wrong with it as I could do without a major expense fixing it. The new log book is also going to cost me £25 minimum to get sorted. Grrr

Poker Hell
To top things, I also dropped £500 at the cash tables yesterday - all within one 90 minute session. This also coincided with the time I was playing while taking the above discussed work phone call, so I guess I should have known a bit better than to play while distracted. To put it all down to a lack of concentration though would not be fair, as I was £300+ in the hole before I took the call! At my stakes (NL100), I think that to lose that amount of money over a 90 minute session not only requires bad luck but also some bad / misstimed plays. This session was no exception, and for every KK I ran in to AA, I also check raised bluff someone who can't fold with air.

This is still an area I need drastic work on - i.e. to keep my head right when a few situations go against me and I lose a buy in or two. I'm still a bit too results orientated and start chasing my losses straight away rather than have a losing session, which is not logical as this usually only compounds the problem. I'm going to make a conscious effort to take a step back next time I lose a few buy ins and make sure my head is right before carrying on playing that session - otherwise log off and start again at another time. Easier said than done but it's something I'm going to seriously promise to try and do this time (unlike Briggs' diet promise....)

I've just scrolled over this post and it's a long one so I'll cut this short now. My last gripe though is that I still have man flu <> <>. When it rains, it pours......

As they say, today is a new day though so here's hoping the sun shines on me a little brighter than it did yesterday.
Good luck to all and congrats to Mr Pud on his new arrival.


  1. A five buyin swing when playing 21/18 ish is absolutely fine. OK if you're playing your usual 11/9 game then that might be a bit much. You just need to get used to losing £500 a time. Being happy with your play is the important bit. I was -£1300 today before finishing +£400. That one was particularly brutal though.

    You need to check out Jared Tendler on Stox. I told you to watch those a few times while in Thailand, did you?

  2. Don't worry at least you're fit!!! xxx