Monday, 13 April 2009

:-( :-( :-(

Work tomorrow - not good. Shirts ironed, alarm set - thoroughly depressing!!

On plus side I did win some money today for first time in a while, mostly while short stacking on NL200. I like this limited brain poker and can see how some of the big rake race winners rack up the points - you can play a gazillion tables and never feel as though you are risking that much money. If I ever start to really suck at full buy in poker then I definitely might consider this as an option - especially as I know Brennan hates people like this!

I also had my first run out of 5 a side football today in 4 months, and I am really really unfit. My chest kills, my legs ache and I'm shattered tonight, but I feel better for it. A couple more weeks and I'll start to get my fitness back I reckon. We'll see.....

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