Tuesday, 14 April 2009

First day back at work.....

.... was as expected a very easy day - with the hardest bit being getting out of bed at 7:15 in the morning. The rest of the day was spent getting myself set up on my laptop and chatting to everyone who would listen (thereby forcing me not to work) about my holiday. I suspect it will only get worse, but as I still have no official job title or real responsibility I'm expecting the rest of this week to be a bit of a breeze as well. We'll see.

Poker was again uneventful. Short stacked for 15 minutes on NL200 but lost 50 euros very quickly and got annoyed so quit to concentrate on normal NL100. Won back 45 of those euros slowly over the next 3 hours, leaving me net 5 euros down for the night. As I always tell Brenos - I have got to be happy when I consider the rake!!

I'm about £200 up for the month so far which is obviously below where I'd hope to be at this stage, but I am on for a half decent size bonus on the rake race leaderboard. I'm currently on for $600 which will be matched by RTR and I'm hoping to climb a bit more to give me £1k overall by the end of the month. My goal for this month is to grind out another £500 in poker profit that will still give me a £1.7k ish return for April- time will tell if I can do that in next couple of weeks.....

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