Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Minimal Play, Maximum Pay

Still off work this week in order to ease myself back in to the UK lifestyle, and had the intention of playing a fair bit of poker in order to boost myself up the rake race. Unfortunately I've picked up the killer man flu virus so struggling to concentrate on anything other than where the next Lemsip is coming from, therefore making 6 tabling a bit too much of an ordeal.

I did manage to log 600 hands yesterday though for a profit of nearly £500 thanks to some awesome set up hands in my favour - including my flopped flush versus trips, my flopped straight with 56 after someone slow played KK against me pre flop and flop before unwisely check raising me all in on turn (board 347T - sweet!!). I think the fact I also played slightly more hands than nomal (21/19 vs normal 18/15) meant I was paid off with mosters too.

Same again today would obviously be nice :-)


  1. I can't even one table when I have man-flu or if I am really tired.

    Always nice to get some positive variance going your way, hopefully the Poker Gods (amen) will shine on me when i finally jump back into the saddle now Baby Pud has arrived!