Monday, 13 April 2009

No Progress

Lost about 100 euros yesterday after a long 3 hour session, but I have to say it was one of the most boring sessions of play I have ever experienced. I 6 tabled for a total of 1400 hands, and only had 2 hands where I either won or lost more than 50 buy ins. Snore snore. I think I'm turning in to an action junkie like Suddes...

The one thing that kep me playing longer than normal in that mood was the appearance of the jackal on my table. Luckily for me he sat 2 seats to my left, which meant I could steal the big blind whenever I was on the button at will as I know he is an absolute rock and fears me!! :-) Only joking Carl - I always had monsters :-)

Might get some hands in later, but I am now about £30 down for the month so at the moment my April results are not looking fantastic.... still a long way to go though.


  1. aye, you did raise my bb a few times!! the one time I called I had 4 6 soooted and flop of 10 7 7, I bottled the check raise after you fired flop bet although pretty sure it would have got through??

    Hadnt realised you were loosing as you seemed to have above 100euro stacks on most tables, must have been earlier?

  2. Yeah, I always buy in for 100BB and then keep topping up to 100BB as soon as I lose 3BB or more. Therefore if you see me on 6 tables with a maximum stack of 120BB then you know I've either just started or I'm down a bomb!!