Saturday, 4 April 2009

Thailand Adventure Is Over

Well, the time finally came and I've returned home. I've seen some amazing sights - Angkor Watt, Bali, Thailand Islands etc etc - enjoyed the weather (sun and thunerstorms alike) - and had 3 months I'll never forget. Not working all week in the office has also been great!!

If anyone this reading and never been to Thailand then I could not recommend it highly enough. Ignoring the amazing weather and awesome scenery, everyone over there (males / females / shemales) are so friendly, the food is class.... and everything is dirt cheap! I don't think I could have chosen a better country for my sabattical.

Sadly. it's now all over and I'm contemplating my return to work next week. I can honestly say it's a miserable prospect! At least I'm home with K again (no posts this time Soap) so my mood has been lifted, but we'll see for how long with work approaching... I will stay optimistic though!

Results to be posted next....

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