Sunday, 29 March 2009

Night Off

It wasn't intentional, but last night I took a much needed break from poker. I never thought I'd be in a position to say this, but I was actually starting to get a bit bored of playing poker. I suppose it's to be expected, as I have played over 125 hours this month (average of 4.3 hours per day) - but it's still a bit of a revelation for me. Every professional poker player blog that I read always says that it does turn in to a grind, and I can see how they feel like that just from playing this month. Having said that - I'm sure it still beats working 9-5 for a living! I'll be able to make a fairer assessment when I get back to UK and start work again in 2 weeks..... horrible thought.

Anyway, so last night I was all set for a long slog on the tables against the weekend fish, but I ended up having to change my plans. I was going out anyway for the England game (KO at 12:15 am thailand time) but decided to go suit shopping before food and my sprites. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand knows there are a millions suit shops here but I think we managed to geta good deal - I bought 2 suits, a tuxedo and 3 shirts (all tailored fit) for £240. Brenos bought 3 suits and 5 shirts - including a gay pink one - for £200. Briggs got measured up, picked out 2 suits his shirts and a mint 'all weather' jacket but then decided at last minute to pull out of buying- claiming his upcoming diet would render the purchase pointless. No excuse now Briggs - diet really does have to start on Monday (when you get back - obviously)

The tailors have asked that we go back this afternoon for a second fitting so that left me with two options - stay awake for 30 hours straight to make it through to Sunday night, thereby playing Saturday but not Sunday - or have a few medicinal drinks to help me get to sleep at a reasonable time. For those that don't know, I've recently truned nocturnal and my sleeping time here is usually 1pm to 9pm local time to help me catch the best times to play poker - not healthy.

Cue alcohol, pool, dancing and sitting by the sea drinking beer at 4 am this morning - probably your average night out in Whitley Bay, but somehow a bit nicer over here.... and a lot cheaper. I'm looking forward to getting home and catching up with everyone (obv. especially K ;-)) but not looking forward to spending £70 on a night out in freezing Newcastle not being able to be served for 30 minutes at a time. Guess that's the price you have to play for living in such a great footballing city..... oh... hang on..... :-)

I think I've rambled long enough for one hangover - GL to all those playing later - except anyone in the Laddies WSOP qualifier tonight who bubbled me this week!

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