Tuesday, 24 March 2009

No more progress

Not much to report so I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting - I think it's because I've just woken up (9 pm here) and not quite ready to start playing yet. A coffee, some food and I'll hit the tables again.

Didn't play at all Sunday as was shattered after long nights on Friday / Saturday and didn't get the required 8 hours sleep to make me feel awake enough to concentrate. Instead settled for watching another 4 episodes of The Wire - which is class. While buying the millions (and I mean millions!!) of DVD's we bought in Bali / Thailand, I thought I'd give this series a go and now I'm hooked. I've nearly finished the 3rd series in about 4 weeks, and reckon I'll be close to finishing series 4 and 5 before I go home. Not bad when you consider each series has about 12 hours to watch... although I'm not even close to the level Briggs gets through!

Played a few poker sessions yesterday, totalling about 9 hours of cash play..... for about £10 in profit. Awesome. I also bought in (as well as Brennan) to a $50 + $25 + $25 MTT to try and win a seat in the weekly final on Ladbrokes for the Vegas Dream package, and we were both looking in good shape with 10 left. 4 seats were available for Sunday plus cash compensation for 5th - 7th, but alas we managed to get ourselves knocked out in 8th and 9th for diddly squat. Brennan pushed with A6 and lost to Q5 monster, me with AK and lost to JJ on BB - who nearly folded. Cheers to Soap for his 'encouragement' from the rail to get the BB to fold - sadly was in vain. Will see how cash goes in next couple of days but definitely on for trying this daily tournament again - the weekly final is a $550 buy in so a bit too expensive for me, but at the same time I don't want to jizz off $300 each week and not qualify for the weekend.

More of an update to follow after long session tonight - GL all.

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