Friday, 20 March 2009

New Start

Turns out I'm not that lucky, and the thieving Thai gits didn't return the bike after their joy ride the other night. I went back to the police again to give them the details of the bike number (had no idea when I first reported it) and one of their elite law enforcers accompanied me to the bike place ot try and save me some cash. To be fair to him, even though he spoke no English and had more teeth showing than Ronaldinho and Cleetus from the Simpsons combined, he managed to save me a little bit on what they were initially asking. Therefore insteading of paying £1.2k I 'only' had to £920. Painful, but I think I might be lucky and able to claim back some of it on my insurance.... will be making sure the insuarnce company gets phoned to find out as could do with that cash!!

On brighter note, I've finally pulled together a decent evening on the cash tables. I think I've pocketed in to the region of £600 tonight - however in true Holmes Big Deal fashion I am going to complain about the pots I should have won too!!! All these years I used to take the piss out of Soap for always whinging on his blog...... 'bad beat this' / 'bad beat that'..... but now that it's happening to me I can totally see what drives him to write it all down. Poker does still owe me money this month though :-)

Right - sleep time now before waking up tonight and hopefully taking the money off the Saturday drunks too!!!

GL to all that are playing....


  1. on your bike Brennan

    can't say that to Ben :)

  2. K (Not the real K or the pretend K )21 March 2009 at 18:04