Saturday, 21 March 2009

Here fishy fishy fishy....

.... I love weekends!!

There are some AWFUL players on the tables on a Friday and a Satrurday night, but I must admit it is high variance against these guys who just want to put their money in on every flop. I managed to run well tonight (first time I've said that for a while!) and so finished my 5 hour session £496 up. That's roughly £1100 in two nights - fucking awesome!!

As you can tell from the last couple of week's worth of posts, I'm not exactly doing much out here other than play poker, sleep and eat. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to have a 2 month holiday to Thailand and then go home with Katrina to play 'normal' hours in the UK. Despite her many teasing comments in the previous posts (Mark or K??? hmmm) , I am missing her, and my health is probably suffering at the moment from my current lifestyle.

There have been a fair few days here where I don't get outside for the sunlight, as I crash at 11 am time and get up at 7pm. My 'breakfast' usually then consists of a 3 course meal (Indian / Italian / Buffet / Burger King??!!??) and then I fail to eat again for the next 15 hours - barring some butter crackers, or if I'm feeling extravagent, 2 slices of toast. I should be losing weight but because of the sheer number of calories I am eating - and the absence of any exercise since we left Karon at the beginning of Feb - I actually think I am putting on weight. I am DREADING my first game of football when I get back. In fact, I am even considering making myself unavailable for a while until I get some fitness back. I am definitely beginning to see how Brennan turned in to such a fat bastard :-)

Anyway, my night is done. All that is left for me to do before I crash is read some match reports from the football today, where MIGHTY Spurs continued their fine form, as did Arsenal.... looks like time might be running out for the Toon. I'm not sure if I really want them to go down - especially as I have a mate working there - but it is HYSTERICAL watching them suffer after the grief they have given me in the past 10 years :-) Chelsea (H), Stoke (A) then the big one at the Lane.... can't wait!!! :-)


  1. well done HN oops i mean big boy benjy that's awesome. Can't wait to see you next week! Love you K xxxxx (yes it's really me!!) :-D