Sunday, 15 March 2009

Budha shits on me

That wasn't nice. Luckily I escaped with only limited damage (£130) but that was awful. AA lost AI pre flop vs AJ and AQ for £160, and KK runs in to (and loses to) AA. I also lose pair vs overs and overs versus pairs, with exception of AK beating QQ near the end to save the day. If that didn't happen then I would have been throwing the laptop out the window!!

On a more positive note, the mighty spurs outfought and outplayed Villa today, meaning we are slowly dragging ourselves away from the relegation zone and towards European qualification. We only need to make 7th and I think we are now 5 points, however W Ham do have a game in hand (vs W Brom at home) and we still have all the big guns left to play. I'll be happy with safety though after the start we had, and of course 3 points against the hapless Toon to send them spiralling towards the championship :-)

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