Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Worst Nightmare

Did I lose my entire poker bankroll by going on tilt a la Carl Richardson? Not quite - but I am in a bad run at the moment
Did I get woken up by the sounds of Briggs and Brennan engaging in some man love and requesting that I join them? No - but it wouldn't surprise me that much!
Did I manage to lose our rented moped while making a phone call and eating a Big Mac? Sadly yes.

Some twats - no idea who - managed to wheel the moped away while I was on the phone to K at 2 am this morning. There were a few people around but when you have the moped key in your pocket you don't think much of it. Turns out I didn't turn the steering wheel in to 'lock' position when I parked it, meaning that it's possible to wheel it away. What the fuck do these people want with a moped that won't start, has 25 million scratches on it and is worth shit??

I have no idea - but what I do know is that it's going to cost a fortune. I read through the contract that I signed automatically when we got it at the beginning of the month and it states 'if the moped is lost or stolen then undersigned agrees to pay 60,000 Baht compesnation'. That's £1.2k. Take that house deposit / vegas trip.

I am hoping in vain that we'll go out tomorrow and someone took it for a walk but we will find it in an alley way close to where I parked it before I have to go to see the owner, but it's a real long shot. Most likely outcome is that I'm fucked.

Thought night couldn't get any worse but after finally getting home after a visit to the police station to report the moped and then a long walk to find a taxi still operating after 3 in the morning, I loaded up poker and quickly found myself another £400 down. Probably should have quit then but for out of stubbornness - and the fact there were some AWFUL players online - meant that I persuaded myself to stay on my tables for an extra 20 minutes to see if my luck would turn. 2 hours later and I managed to drag myself out of the hole and finish £10 up. It's small mercies but right now that £10 win feels like the best result ever!

Hopefully I've now encountered all the bad luck I'm going to on this holiday now and I can grind my way back in to serious profit on the poker front - and pay back this shitty fine. I definitely think I am due some good fortune after this past week!!


  1. Bad news mate, Hope you work something out. That must be the most expensive phone call you'll ever make. Hope the rest of the hols/poker go well and cath up with you in April for some serious drinking sessions

  2. expensive big mac that fella

  3. K says its behind you
    Bigboy Benjy says what is
    K says your bike or at least it was 20 secs ago !!!!!

    LOOOOL bad beat mate :(

  4. cheers boys - horrific last couple of days but plugging through. No joy on poker tables at the moment either, literally broke even in the last 3 sessions (3k hands). Need a change of fortune soon!!

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone in a couple of weeks...

  5. nightmare mate - cant you just buy one that looks the same for less cash - john

  6. Personally I just wanted to do a runner out of the country, but they had Briggs' passport and the selfish git didn't want to take one for the team!!

    Handed over cash now but never eating at McDonalds again in protest....

  7. I refused to eat McDonalds once in protest of getting a parking ticket i lasted 12 months and some. Thank god for the Colonel